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Customized Switch
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NTE have multiple products, automotive electronics and micro switch,Customized switch, SMT carrier tape design and overall solution….provide applications in various industries.

Vehicle Electronics

NTE automotive electronic products are mainly used in centre control switches, door switch, seat adjustment switches, wiper switches, audio keys, rear view systems, etc.

Switch Series

NTE micro switches are widely used in various household, commercial and industrial products, such as: ATM, induction cooker, dehumidifier, iron roller door, ferry water pressure control system, etc.

Induction Stove
Reverse Osmosis

SMD Embossed Carrier Tapes

In addition to Traditional carrier tape,we also provide overall solutions such as carrier tape forming machine, taping machine, taping service…etc.

Automated Assembly Machine

NTE is a high-tech factory specializing in the design and production of automatic production equipment, enable to quickly reach customer needs. The main building is equipped with automatic equipment, automatic product assembly equipment, etc.