SWITCH SERIES,SMD Embossed carrier tapes,NTE International Co., Ltd.(恩諦益集團)
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Till now, NTE Group consists of 3 companies :

  • Taiwan NTE International Co. Ltd. :
    Headquarter - Sales Center for Taiwan and worldwide markets
  • Dongguan Electronic Factory :
    Manufacture, Sales and R&D Center in China
  • Fujian Electric Machine Co., Ltd. :
    Manufacture Center in China only

NTE History

Established.(NTE CO)
Attained UL certification
Established South China Development and Operation Center
Established Hong Kong Logistics Center
Acquired ISO 9001-2000 authentication
Established Hercynian manufacturing center
The company's products are divide into three independent business units, i.e. automotive electronics and micro switch and Customized switch, SMT carrier tape overall solution, and automatic assembly machine
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